Premiered January 18, 2014 by Rockford Dance Company. Concept by Matthew Keefe and Steven F. Vrtol III. Direction and Choreography by Matthew Keefe. Script and Narration by Steven F. Vrtol III.

Which Witch is Which??

Premiered in 2014, DanceCo is remaking the hit Which Witch is Which??  with a professional cast. This mystery ballet is filled with magic and interactivity - fun for the entire family. 

Again there will be pre-show workshops (20 minutes before curtain) teaching the audience dance moves to become part of the show and new this year, a craft to help transform the kids into magicians. 

Avalon Theater - 1500 East Lake Street

Adult tickets: $12
Kids 3 and up: $10

Tuesday October 16th @ 10 am
Wednesday October 17th @ 11 am
Thursday October 18th @ 10 am
Friday October 19th @ 10 am
Saturday  October 20th @ 2 pm and 5 pm
Sunday October 21st @ 12 pm and 2 pm